Contents / Look inside / Buy Book In the words of David Parkin, AFL Coaching Ambassador and academic ‘ ... The Science of Kicking fills beautifully the gaping chasm of validated knowledge available on this critical subject in our great game.’ This book uses functional anatomy and biomechanics to explain all aspects of the punt kick from stance to followthrough, and includes associated coaching practises. It is directed to all coaches, casual and elite, as well as all aspiring players.


Contents / Look inside / Buy Book This adjunct book translates the scientific analysis contained in The Science of Kicking into a concise ‘8’ Step guide to kicking excellence for young players. It uses the latest ‘backward tracking’ methodology to firmly establish muscle memory in the young player, and progressively coach the skill using the most up-to-date coaching patterns. It emphasises player-centred learning, natural movements, the identification of critical elements and the skills of feel and imaging.




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