Bulletin 1
Kicking for goal – What approach would you use?

Bulletin 2
Punt kick – Inappropriate technique

Bulletin 3
Punt kick – The kicking template and the final stride

Bulletin 4
Punt kick – Stride Length and Pelvic Tilt

Bulletin 5
The Punt Kick – A statistical analysis of the set punt kick in the elimination final between Adelaide and Collingwood

Bulletin 6
Welcome to the first bulletin board for season 2009 / Kicking - Hamstring injury

Bulletin 7
The Continuing Hamstring Saga

Bulletin 8
The Punt Kick – Keep your Hamstrings Injury • Free 

Bulletin 9
Teaching the Punt Kick using the Backward Tracking Method

Bulletin 10
Recruiting Rugby League Players to AFL ‐ When is a kick NOT a kick?

Bulletin 11
Punt Kick – Questions on Generating Maximum Kick Velocity

Bulletin 12
The Punt Kick – Time to Give the AFL a Torpedo!

Bulletin 13
A More Accurate Drop Punt Kick – The ‘Place Kick’ as a Useful Teaching Tool

Bulletin 14
The Punt Kick – More on the Hamstring Saga

Bulletin 15
Teaching the Punt Kick using the Backward Tracking Method – Update!

Bulletin 16
The Punt Kick – A Snapshot of Nick Riewoldt

Bulletin 17
The Punt Kick – Nick Riewoldt ‘s new kicking style

Bulletin 18
New book ‘Learn to Punt Kick’

Bulletin 19
The Punt Kick and more…

Bulletin 20
The Punt Kick - Wind that Spring!

Bulletin 21
The Punt Kick - Delivering the "Oomph"!

Bulletin 22
The Punt Kick – The Injury List Grows

Bulletin 23
The Punt Kick – Sweet Spot

Bulletin 24
The Punt Kick – Newton’s Third Law

Bulletin 25
The Punt Kick – Old Habits Die Hard

Bulletin 26
The Punt Kick - Researching Kicking Techniques


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