Bulletin 15
Teaching the Punt Kick using the Backward Tracking Method – Update!

This book designed for young players will be available in October 2010 from this website

In Bulletin 9, we looked at the underpinning principles behind the new book ‘Teaching the Punt Kick using the Backward Tracking Method’ that describes how to teach the punt kick in a logical progression emphasizing ‘first order’ core techniques. The ‘first order’ core techniques fundamental to the skill must be taught first and reinforced into the system before teaching the peripheral ‘second order’ elements which are the ‘icing on the cake’.

Here is the skeleton layout of the book.

The skill is taught in two phases with 8 steps in total.


Phase A Using a football on a tee or if desired a soccer ball simply placed on the ground.
Step 1 Building the platform
Step 2 Swinging the kicking leg
Step 3 Ball/foot contact
Step 4 Followthrough
Step 5 Lining up the target
Phase B Using a moving ball.
Step 6 Get a grip
Step 7 Setting the ball
Step 8 The Approach

Here is an example page



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