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New book ‘Learn to Punt Kick’

The new book ‘Learn to Punt Kick’ will be available on 30th June 2011. It is written in ‘easy-to-understand’ language for coaches, parents and young players. It is taught in 8 Steps and for each Step there is an explanation and justification of the ‘Backward Tracking Method’.


Introduction The Backward Tracking Method


Step 1 Building the Platform
  • Start Position
  • The ‘1’ Step Approach
  • Step and Prop
  • Stabilize
The ultimate quest for kicking coaches is to find the most successful and meaningful way to teach young players to kick. The skill learning method that consistently delivers the best results is the ‘Backward Tracking Method’. It is a unique approach, based on strong underpinning scientific principles. In particular it integrates biomechanical applications with established and current educational methodology. The aim is to teach the kick in the most efficient manner, in the shortest time, and using a system that will ensure that once it’s learned it stays learned.


Step 2 Swinging the Kicking Leg
  • Winding the Spring
    - Leg Stretch
  • Winding the Spring
    - ‘V’ Position
  • Backward Arm Swing
  • Releasing the Spring
    - Leg Drive
  • Forward Arm Swing
Step 3 Ball Contact

  • Body Position
  • The Hump
  • Hard Foot
Step 4 Followthrough
  • Punch Followthrough
Step 5 Lining up the Target
  • Posture
  • The Target
  • The Big Arrow
  • High Beam/Low Beam
Step 6 Get a Grip
  • Body Lean
  • Hand Cradle
Step 7 Setting the Ball
  • Arm and Ball Alignment
  • Step and Set
  • Set and Drop
Step 8 Approach
  • Marking the Approach
  • Stance
  • Run-in




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