Learn to Punt Kick Contents

  • Learn the punt kick in 8 easy steps using the ‘Backward Tracking Method’
  • Written in an easy-to-understand format with practical tasks and tips
  • Each chapter is introduced explaining the ‘BT Method’
  • Skill patterns are learned using the ‘set’ kick with a stationary ball
  • Every skill progression is demonstrated by a young player
  • Photographs are used extensively to highlight technique.


Intro. The Backward Tracking Method
1 Building the Platform

Start Position =
The ‘1’ Step Approach
Step and Prop
2 Swinging the Kicking Leg
  Winding the Spring – Leg Stretch
Winding the Spring – ‘V’ Position
Backward Arm Swing
Releasing the Spring – Leg Drive
Forward Arm Swing
3 Ball Contact
  Body/Leg Position
The Hump
Hard Foot
4 Followthrough
  Punch Followthrough
Lining up the Target
The Target
The Big Arrow
High Beam/Low Beam
6 Get a Grip
  Body Lean
Hand Cradle
7 Setting the Ball
  Arm and Ball Alignment
Step and Set
Set and Drop
The Approach
  Marking the Approach




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