Learn to Punt Kick 8 Steps to Kicking Excellence from former international sporting representative, leading sport scientist and expert coach Geoffrey Hosford

Learn to Punt Kick is a practical guide to learning the AFL drop punt kick and is ideally suited to young beginning players. It would also be of value to any player wishing to hone their fundamental kicking techniques. It is based on information contained in the best seller ‘The Science of Kicking’ and includes the most up-to-date educational and practical coaching methods to ensure successful learning of the punt kick. With over 35 years of experience in teaching and coaching methodology at both university and sport institute level, the author has now developed the ultimate learning method for novice players or for players of any age who simply require the tools to kick effectively.

Learn to Punt Kick uses the The ‘Backward Tracking Method’ The skill learning method that has consistently delivered the best results is the ‘Backward Tracking Method’. It is a unique approach based on strong underpinning scientific principles. In particular it integrates biomechanical applications with current educational methodology. The aim is to teach the kick in the most efficient manner, in the shortest time, and using a system that will ensure that once it’s learned it stays learned.  Terminology has been kept simple and basic skill patterns in the early stages are learned using a set kick with the ball on the ground.  The more complex skills specific to the drop punt kick are then layered on top.

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Learn to Punt Kick
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Learn to Punt Kick – 8 steps to kicking excellence for young players
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