• The Science of Kicking presents an up-to-date scientific analysis of the skill of kicking.
  • Special emphasis is given to the drop punt kick, but includes the torpedo punt, stab punt, and checkside punt.
  • Answers every question you ever wanted to ask about kicking, dispels many old coaching myths and introduces new concepts to make you the expert.
  • Comprehensive section on coaching guidelines and exercise programs.
  • Over one hundred diagrams and sequential photographs.

1 Finding Success in Kicking

The 3R’s – Rigor, Routine, Repetition
2 Stance
  Preparatory Stance
Gripping the Ball
3 Aiming
  The Target
Focus Point
Kicking Mark The ‘Big Arrow’
Knee and Foot Line
4 Approach
  Pelvic Stability
How Many Steps?
A Straight, Oblique or Step Across Approach?
5 Final Stride
  Length of Stride
Support Leg Stabilization
6 Ball Set and Drop


Set and Drop Technique
The Balancing Arm
Inertial Balance
Reaction Balance
7 Priming the Kicking Leg
  The ‘V’ position
Elastic Stretch and Stored Energy
Inertial Speed
8 Leg Drive
    The Muscular Engine
The ‘Kicking Muscles’
The ‘Muscular Team’
Pointing the Toes
Accelerating Through the Ball
Core Strength
Leg Whip
Leg Speed and Mass
Thigh Reaction
9 Impact
  Hard Foot
Distance and the Effective Mass
Sweet Spot
10 Follow through
  Knee Joint Cartilage and Injury
Types of Kick
  The Drop Punt
The Stab Punt
The Torpedo or Spiral Punt
The Banana Kick or Checkside Punt
The Floater
Coaching Practises
  Preparatory Stance
Gripping the Ball
Final Stride
Ball Set and Drop
Priming the Kicking Leg
Leg Drive
Kicking Exercises


Basic Training Principles
Strength Exercises
Stretching Exercises

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